Media Bridge Advertising

About Tracy Call

In just a few years, Tracy has built one of the most successful full-service media and advertising agencies in Minnesota, billing over $10 million in media and growing over 100% year after year. As a traditional media buying expert in Minneapolis, she has won multiple awards, helped get many politicians elected, made a lot of people a lot of money, and helped change the course of history in Minnesota by making it legal for gays to marry.

And how did she do it? Alone.

Tracy gambled everything in fall 2010 to venture out solo after a lucrative career at another agency and before that Clear Channel Communications. She aimed to give clients a better opportunity to succeed, through unmatched rate negotiation and a "get it done" approach that leaves no stone unturned, and no lazy thinking unpunished. Clients describe her as part pit bull, part private eye when it comes to how she handles their business.

Tracy is a traditional media buying expert renowned for her craft and feared in media negotiations. Her agency, Media Bridge Advertising, specializes in building strong, smart and creative media connections around big ideas - without breaking the bank. No one respects money — how hard it is to earn, and how easy it is to spend - more than Tracy. She was a single mom to her adopted son Lincoln for the majority of her independent career, and had to build every facet of her wildly successful traditional media planning business from scratch.

As THE media buying expert Minneapolis businesses trust, and with her unrelenting tenacity and marketing smarts, Tracy has fast become the "woman behind the curtain" for her loyal clients. Today, Media Bridge Advertising services are in such high demand that Tracy now turns down more business than she accepts.